digital mediate.

In our relentless pursuit of immaculate design

and innovative digital solutions, we craft

immersive experiences, bridging business

acumen and scientific methodology. Our

creations, steeped in industry knowledge and

global trends, prioritize uncompromising

quality. We embody a seamless blend of

aesthetics and functionality, infusing every

pixel and line of code with the ambition to

inspire and revolutionize. Join us on the

journey to digital excellence.


We are a creative collective of innovators, entrepreneurs, creators and engineers.
We connect our skills across disciplines in business, science, design, technology and communications.

We come up with meaningful ideas and accelerate solutions that positively and sustainably impact business, the world and culture.

Our mission is to create breakthroughs and leave the world for future generations in a better state than we found it.

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Jana Opletalova

Growth & Creative Strategist

Jana a master of growth and creative strategy with Master's degree in Interactive Media Theory and a passion for the arts and new technologies. She uses her skills in strategic and creative thinking, project management, and coordination to help startups and companies achieve their goals. With a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and art, Jana brings fresh ideas to the table while grounding them in hard data.

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Tomáš Eller

CEO & Team Leader

Tomas is passionate about bringing innovative ideas to life. He enjoys working on projects that have a positive impact with creative teams to solve difficul problems. He has impressive track record of managing successful projects. Tomas is versatile, highly organized, and obsessed with quality, with a diverse skill set that includes business communication, customer care, and team & project management.

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Martin Homola

Head of development

For Martin, creating digital things is a modern art. He enjoys turning ideas into real world and making life easier for other people. He started with websites at the age of just 11 years old out of pure curiosity. Martin is also a human and when he's not coding, he likes to travel or spend time in his workshop.

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Jan Hanus

Lead Designer

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur. A vitae consequat nec ultrices. Mattis ac egestas id id. Enim lacus id diam fermentum libero sed.“

These words completely describe Jan's daily work. Besides graphics he also creates music, check his YouTube.

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Vojtech Audy

Marketing Director

Vojtech is marketing expert who helps clients achieve their marketing goals through implementation, setup and managing of performance marketing and web analytics. With 7 years of experience managing campaigns for large clients with budgets in the hundreds of thousands of crown. When not working, he enjoys woodworking and riding motorcycles.

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Martina Buryskova

Copywriter & Editor

Martina creates, writes, reads and plays with words. With ease and precision. She searches for an essence that is not visible at first sight, but which clearly and convincingly describes what she writes about. A personality, a brand, a product, an action... Across industries, styles and genres.

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Jiri Mucha

Head of Social Media

Jiri mostly works in the field of performance marketing, implementing campaigns with monthly budgets of hundreds of thousands of crowns. He manages them forin both the Czech and foreign markets. The primary KPI of campaigns is profit maximization.


In exponentially rapidly changing times, problems cannot be solved by conventional ways of thinking and behaving.

That's why we come up with sci-fi ideas and turn them into reality as quickly as possible. Sometimes it's just a consultation, other times it's launching a startup into the world.

growth - consulting, analysis, research, strategy, innovation

branding - brand strategy, brand identity, campaign & activation

product - concept, definition, prototyping, UX , UI, CX, testing

engineering - web & mobile app development, e-commerce, backend & devops

communication - graphic design, production, content, performance, SoMe, PR

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